Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tell a story

We stopped reading books. 

Somewhere in between the birth of our sweet baby girl, and trying to nab reading time in the evening… G shakes his head at every book offer. 

Me: “What about Leonardo the Terrrrrrrrible Monster?”

G: “No.”  

Me: “How about a David story?”

G shrugs his shoulders. 

Hmmmm.   Wait, I know what he wants.

Me: “Let’s tell a story about G.”

G’s eyes shine and mouth smiles.

If you are wondering what happened since the last blog post, let’s reverse to what I like to call my “pregnancy coma.” 

In my quest to maximize my own sleep, G and I had a book routine going:

Take a bath early. Brush our teeth.  Sit down and read a minimum of three books.  Shut off light.  Make up a story about G in the dark.  Night night.  (Lights off being my favorite moment)

It worked great.  However, making time to write a blog post was only happening in my dreams.   

I’m back though! 

Life with an almost-3-year-old and a newborn is…. wonderful.  Here’s why:

  • It’s pleasantly quiet in the wee hours of the morning when baby girl C and I are up.  No ambulance toy car sirens.  No dining room chair being pushed across the room…. Silence.
  • I’m starting to really enjoy decaf coffee. Bonus:  I can drink it all the time and if I get the chance, snooze at any moment.
  • Story time with G and baby girl C… proves amusing.  Grant now has an audience and a bookshelf of reads he knows some of the words to.   He puts on a show, and little C gives the eyes-wide-open, blank look that I remember so well.
  • Two words: Maternity leave.  I truly appreciate the time away from my job, to transition into this big change of being a mommy of two.   And having a moment or two spanned across 3 weeks, to create an artwork wall… is an added bonus if the day goes well.

To be “real” here, it’s hard at times.  My oldest screamed for an hour at bedtime the first night we were all home together.   And it’s common to hear me tell (or yell) “G,  DO NOT shine that flashlight at your sister.”     

 *Sigh…* Where did he even get the flashlight
Back to the books here. 
In reality we haven’t stopped reading entirely.  We just tell stories instead of read them.  It’s works.
Life with 4 has its moments, but they are mostly SUPER moments.   

Here’s to our new life of telling stories to two little ones!