Wednesday, October 31, 2012

30 Days of Farm Kid Stories

Please join me this November for my series called:  30 days of “Farm Kid Stories.”  That’s right.  One post each day about my chosen topic: Farm kid stories.  A challenge for me… for sure.  I love deadlines.

Please also join Prairie Farmer’s Holly Spangler for her 30 day series of “Agricultural Something.”  I can’t wait to read what her subject will be this year.  For the past two years, Holly has picked a farm-related topic and wrote about it every day for the month of November.  This year she extends a warm invite to other bloggers.
And, I’m in this year.

Why do I blog?
  • I feel like a momma rock star when I read to my son, G.   
  • I record memories when I write about our adventures in reading.
  • Finding the “funny” in parenting puts life into perspective.

Farm families could fill bookshelves full of agricultural stories.  It’s a library membership I would want. Please stop by my blog (often) this month and read my farm kid story of the day.


P.S. I send a big Thank You to my county farm bureau office and local libraries who let me borrow books to review.  30 books to be exact.

My Library List:
Preview Day: 30 Days of Farm Kid Stories
Day 1: One Moment
Day 2: Perfect Pizza
Day 3: Our Heartland
Day 4: Pasta Fistful
Day 5: One Fast Grower
Day 6: Farmer Seuss
Day 7: Just One Cookie?
Day 8: Frowns Turn into Smiles
Day 9: BOO-HA

Day 10: Big Red Barn
Day 11: Magic with Vegetables

Day 12: Call to Action
Day 13: BOOM
Day 14: Ponies and Cowboys
Day 15: Value to our Trees
Day 16: Tractor Time
Day 17: Wishing for a Washing
Day 18: United Tweets
Day 19: Popcorn Pops
Day 20: Busy Places
Day 21: Peas Please

Day 22: Thankful

Our blogging host Holly Spangler writes  “30 Days on a Prairie Farm” this month on her blog: My Generation.  

It’s a group party, of sorts!  Please join fellow bloggers as they tell their agricultural stories:

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