Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Bummer

Thinking back to the first time G threw a “real good fit”….  G wanted something, and we didn’t deliver.  As if I served him a bowl of jalapenos during snack time while sitting on thumbtacks.  Unhappy.

Most tantrums these days involve going inside, when G wants to be outside.  At the early stages we had no clue what he wanted, but I saw the wheels turning in G’s mind.  No longer were his needs bottles, diapers and bed.  G now had wants.  “Show me” I would ask him, picking up G and bringing him to the area where he pointed and screamed.  G can now “tell me” by saying Drink, Spoon, Go.  It’s helped.

Of course things exist G wants, but can’t have. I call these things “a bummer” cause what can you do?

These days area farmers wait in what the radio tells me is a moderate to severe drought.  We feel bummed, to say the least. 

Due to an early spring, perfect stands of corn emerged out of the soil.  As I type here I drink a cold glass of lemonade because I feel dry.  Six weeks; no rain.  A tenth of an inch teases occasionally.  Our front yard displays drab brown with curves of green around watered landscaping.  2012: The year we saw a June drought …during field corn pollination.  Ugh.

We remain thankful, no doubt.  We recall many good years recently.  We have enough to get us by.

We do try to find the humor. Common sayings in our house this week:

“A year for the bottom ground.”  “Our field of pineapples.”   “A break from mowing.”

The Little Critter series remind me of these “bummer” moments in a little-person way.  Author and illustrator Mercer Mayer writes about the major issues of growing up through humorous storytelling using animal characters.  

The story “I Was So Mad” tells the story of feeling angry.  With minimal text and lots of illustrations the little critter in this tale gets told “no”, a lot.  He can’t play with his sister’s dollhouse. 

Hide-and-seek in clean sheets?   No. 
Practice a juggling show with eggs?  No. 
Tickle the goldfish?  No.

Little critter prepares to run away, but his friends ask him to play ball.  “And Mom said I could. I’ll run away tomorrow if I’m still mad.”

We own the “Just A Little Critter Collection” with 7 books inside.  Good endings, good storyline.  As a momma I’m often tempted to make things easier for G, but really I am doing him no favor.  Life is just hard sometimes, and we grow from it. 

With a quick Google search, I discover the Simple Kids blog, which has an article about Teaching Children How To Handle Their Emotions: As Simple As PIE.  This will come in handy perhaps.

I also have this book on my shelf to read soon.  Between Parent and Child by Haim G. Ginott.   Inside a chapter called Communication for Connection:  Respond to Children’s Feelings, Not Their Behavior catches my attention.    I have a lot to learn about parenting.  I look forward to reading.

We missed the slight chance of rain today.  A cool front just came through, and it’s gorgeous out right now.  Daddy and G in the backyard. I hear the water hydrant turning on.  God is good, isn’t he?

Some crop fields look better, some worse. What can we do?  Pray… and perform an impromptu rain dance immediately.  Perhaps borrow a tomato gardener’s water hose for a spell.  It couldn’t hurt. 
How are the fields looking in your area?

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