Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a big TWO years old

Dump Everything.  My little G turns a big TWO years old later this month.   I scurry this week to celebrate (in construction-style) and remember this time in our lives. 

G words that make us smile:

  • Bombine.  Broken.    (Grandpa fixes a combine in the driveway)
  • Tank you  (Thank you)
  • Pweas  (Please)
  • Awww Choo (pretending to sneeze)
  • Trackter    (Tractor)
  • Babhoe  (Backhoe)
  • Wagon
  • HOT Fwwwww Fwwww
  • BOOM  (thunder)
  • Un….Tree (One Two Three)
  • All gone
  • Ryan (G’s buddy at our sitters)
  • MilllllK
  • Baaaa Bye Momma

G likes to help. He mimics me, a lot.  Saturday mornings find us cleaning.  I run the vacuum and G pushes a dry mop around the house.  He thinks this is fun, bless his heart.   One dust rag for momma; one dust rag for G.
Do we clean the house twice as fast?   Ahh.. no.  But if I catch G pushing his small table and chairs across the house and pretend mopping where it once stood…  I chuckle.

G makes us do that a lot.  Smile.  Laugh.  Dad asks me the other day, “Why are you throwing G’s sippy cups in the trashcan?” and I say: “I’m not doing that… Hmmmm.”  We both look at G. 
I stamp the missing coffee carafe lid mystery… SOLVED.  I give up hunting, and call Cuisinart customer service the next day. Sifting through things thrown away becomes a new habit. 
G shows interest in gardening.  Small yellow hoe in hand, he helps me attack and pull weeds.. and also the flowers.  “No G, don’t pull THAT one.”  I quickly replant the white Iris and give the soil a good pat. 

G laughs  when:
  • Dad challenges him to a staring contest
  • I step, push and bounce on a shovel to dig a hole in the garden
  • We eat corn on the cob and make funny faces
  • Dad tunes into the opera radio channel, and we lip-synch 
  • We wear colanders at hats

In the past year G learned to walk, run, jump and dance. 
G’s favorite activities:

  • Climbing the gravel pile
  • Riding in the tractor
  • Mopping with a broom  (all the time)
  • Drawing with chalk
  • Building Legos
  • Feeding cattle

Exciting new things G does:
  • Follows two part directions (as in:  G go get the truck toy and bring to this room)
  • Eats with a spoon and fork (mashed potatoes brings out the default finger pick up)
  • Gives his opinion (snack time,  book selection)
Speaking of books, I’ll tell you a secret.  I ordered three for G’s upcoming birthday:

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce.  Based on Academy Award-winning animated short film, this book was released recently in June 2012.  A terrible wind blows away Mr. Morris Lessmore’s personal library, and he find meaning in caring for the books.  I haven’t read any of these books, but I think this will be my favorite because it’s filled with literary and film references (and I think the front cover rocks)
Leonardo, the Terrible Monster (Ala Notable Children's Books. Younger Readers (Awards))
Leonardo, the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems.   I immediately love the oversized, old-fashioned lettering on this book’s cover. Leonardo is a terrible monster who is not that good at being terrible. He’s not big, doesn’t have hundreds of teeth, and isn’t even weird.  He decides to find the most scaredy-cat kid and “scare the tuna salad out of him”. 

The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!

The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog another one by Mo Willems. When Pigeon finds a delicious hot dog, he can hardly wait to shove the entire thing in his beak.  But, then he sees a hungry duckling who wants a bite. Who will be the more clever bird?  The reviews of this book sold me.  It’s a favorite by many who commented.

I plan to pick my favorite book out of the three and write a special letter for G in the front cover.  I can’t wait for these reads to arrive. I can’t wait for his birthday.
I especially look forward to reading these books to my TWO year old.  What books are you reading?

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  1. I am glad and proud that you have time to do this blog. These are small memories that you quickly forget. You will be glad you did and I hope G will be too.
    Keep up the good work.