Friday, March 15, 2013

Moment of Truth

G grabs a magazine from the coffee table recently and tells me: “Book.  Read.”

I follow the request and open a glossy Pottery Barn catalogue and conjure a tale of a mother inside her stylish home.   Ten consecutive pages of lovely bathrooms leave me searching for a good story line.

“Mommy grabs three green bath towels from the bench and takes them to the closet…   ……And then mommy goes to the next bathroom with two mirrors and brushes her teeth.”

“G, do you really want me to read this?  How about your digger book over…..”   G interrupts and says: “No momma.  Read.”

Ok, it’s a moment of truth.  We haven’t been reading every night.  Actually, the last four months are a blur.   A sleepy, all-day sickness I’d like to forget.

Segue to the announcement portion of today’s blog:   G will become a big brother in late summer!  Hooray!


I can produce a million excuses why we haven’t kept up with reading this winter.  The truth is simple:  I haven’t made the time.   Folks, I barely mailed out my Happy New Year cards before Valentine’s Day this year.

But do I think the mother of two little ones, whose husband just deployed overseas for the next year… has more time than me? 

Or the mother of a special needs child?

Or the stay at home mother of four children?

Absolutely not!  

Tonight as I grab G’s favorite excavation book (and also a box of Tagalongs) we begin a pursuit of catching up. No excuses.  If the Girl Scout cookies run out then I move on to a ham salad sandwich and some sweet corn.

Happy Reading!


P.S.    Dear readers forgive me for not posting lately.  I may be leaning towards more memory keeping and less book reviewing time in my blog life.   I thank you for following so far and hope you continue.


  1. congratulations lauren!! that is wonderful news!!!

  2. always love reading your post and have missed them! But, doesn't matter, I get to see the real Lauren everyday! :) JP

  3. Hey, making up a story to Pottery Barn catalogs is good for your brain! :) It's hard to make time for everything we need to do and it is understandable! I don't have kids, I am an educator, but I understand still. It's hard to remember to get everything in. I forget stuff constantly. It's especially hard to get everything in when you don't feel good. Just taking 2 minutes a night to tell him a story from your imagination or memory. Or taking extra time out on the weekend or a couple of nights a week to read a couple of books will be good for him, also. That you WANT to be reading to him says a lot about your dedication to raising him right. Believe me, I've met a lot of parents of pre-k kids whose parents have never thought to read to the child.

    Congrats on your upcoming addition to the family!

    1. Hi Becca, Being an educator is a fantastic job. What an opportunity to make a daily difference! I really like your 2 minute story idea, and I often turn off the lights on those evenings I feel exhausted.. and I make up a quick story before G goes to sleep. It's not much, but it's something I guess! I wish I could be super mom, and often feel I come up short. Thank you for your kind words!! Lauren