Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 6: Farmer Seuss

Day 6 of "30 Days of Farm Kid Stories"

By the time bedtime story rolls around tonight it’s very likely G will be toddling around with two “I voted” stickers attached to his pajamas.  Wayne and I will pretend that G’s favorite red furry candidate received two write-in nominations (votes for Elmo.)

It’s November 6: Election Day.  I believe nothing makes one feel as strong and bold as the privilege to enter the polls and vote for your candidates of choice. Go vote!

Now on to today’s farm kid story….

I’ll say it again.  I love Seuss.  Only in a Seuss book can you hop into a Shrink-Upper to see photosynthesis up close.   And only there can you makes definitions such as Oxygen and Embryo rhyme with others words. 

Bonnie Worth takes us on a seed adventure in her book Oh Say Can You Seed:  All About Flowering Plants. It’s a book from The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library.

Pages 28 and 29 describe how a plant makes its own energy. 

“The leaf takes in carbon dioxide
through a stoma, or pore.
It works like a mouth,
and that’s what it’s for.

Then the air gets mixed in
with the water and sun.
And that’s how the
food-making factory is run!”

Illustrator Aristides Ruiz exaggerates details and helps show us “the small things” going on around and inside a seed.  On Page 16 a smiling earthworm travels beneath the soil leaving a trailing passageway. Further on in the book the characters wear lighted-helmets and examine “twisty and hairy” orange roots which anchor plants in the ground. 

At the end of the book a glossary, index and a suggested reading list give the reader potential for further exploration of how plants grow. 

Based on G’s current fascination with Dr. Seuss (“Dodtor” as he calls him) this book is a keeper come biology time.
What’s your favorite Cat in the Hat book? 


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