Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 15: Value to our trees

Day 15 of "30 Days of Farm Kid Stories"

The leaves of our backyard maple tree slowly turn a coppery red in our backyard.  G ‘s weekly watering this hot summer kept our young tree alive.   

We watered at 9 pm some Saturday evenings, when the heat finally dropped below 90 degrees.   We wore hats and turned the water faucet on in the mornings but came inside by 10 am when the sweltering sun rose. I worried our well would run dry, but we kept watering every week.   
We watered because we value our trees.

Authors Chuck Leavell and Nicholas Cravotta write about tree stewardship in their book The Tree Farmer.  A grandson and his tree-farmer grandfather discuss the importance of trees, including how they love and care for them, and also how they cut them down. 
“This tree,” he says as he runs his old
fingers over its rough bark.
“I planted it 37 years ago. 
It touches my soul to stand in its shadow.
After today, it will touch souls
in a completely different way.”

Artist and illustrator Rebecca Bleau captures intensity, beauty and strength of trees.  With printmaking techniques Bleau creates art that reminds me of the petrified wood my own father collects.  Stunning art of nature. 
I’ll have to admit G and I had another reason for watering our trees.  Colorful leaves may be falling to the ground this week, but the thought of future summer shade feels inspiring .  Here’s hoping for a cooler summer next year. 

What kinds of trees do you have in your backyard?


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