Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 3: Our Heartland

Day 3 of "30 Days of Farm Kid Stories"

I didn’t take many farm photographs this year.  The crops look rough.  It feels scorching outside. Who wants to remember this?

I hold a bunch of excuses.  

If I think about it more, even in a drought year our heartland provides.  Our late-planted soybeans made a good yield, and lines of wheat shoots emerge this week from fields. 

Author Diane Siebert tells her story from the voice of the heartland.  Her book Heartland is a steady tale of beauty, work and struggle.

“The farmer, with his spirit strong;
The farmer, working hard and long,
A feed-and-seed-store cap in place,
Pulled down to shield a weathered face-
A face whose every crease and line
Can tell a tale, and help define
A lifetime spend beneath the sun,
A life of work that’s never done”

Wendell Minor creates artwork out of the scenes you and I see as we drive down a country road.   Paintings rich in browns, oranges and greens.

Roads, fields and fence rows farmers’ travel showcase the charm of America’s Midwest.   It’s the kind of artwork I stand and look up at… and just think about (like a visitor to a museum.)

Art can make you do that… leave you speechless enjoying the detail and feelings brought to a canvas.  Or brought to a children’s farm book. 

G will especially enjoy pages 21 and 22 where his favorite breed of cattle graze in a lush, green pasture.  When reading I point out the Polled Hereford that gazes at the reader from the far left book page.

The green machine of iron on pages 5 and 6, prompts G to say “Tractee” with a grin.  He sort-of likes tractors, if you haven’t noticed. 

What is your favorite scene from the heartland?


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