Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 18: United Tweets

I didn’t plan on picking favorites this month.  It just happens.  I have to say this next farm kid story is really good: United Tweets of America: 50 State Birds.


Author Hudson Talbott writes a story about state birds competing in a pageant of sorts.  Each page labels the state bird, as well as other state facts including: mottos, flowers and capitals.


State birds on opposing book pages exchange dialogue such as singing contest appearing on the Montana and Nebraska pages, which are both diva Western Meadowlarks. Actually seven states choose the Northern Cardinal as their state bird, and I enjoy how the author ties this into the book.


If you love the musical Oklahoma, check out the Oklahoma page (ok, duh moment) for a show-time singing Scissortail Flycatcher.  Cultural references such as the Mississippi Mockingbird dressed as “The King” brings humor adults can appreciate. “Thankyouverymuch.”

Next door on the Missouri page a flapping male bluebird says: “…and baby, I’m gonna make you a nest that will be the Taj Mahal of birds’ nests!”  To which the cool-eyed female bluebird says “Oh yeah? Show me.”

Show me?  Get it???  Think Missouri state motto here.     

The illustrations throughout this book display details of state facts in creative ways.  The multiple perched Purple Finches on the New Hampshire page overall create the shape of a large bird of the same variety.  I could write pages about this book.

That is what a good book can do: Inspire you.

(Inspire me to continue writing another 12 posts, hopefully. We are on the homestretch, blogging folks!)

What are your favorite bird books?


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