Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 5: One fast grower

Day 5 of "30 Days of Farm Kid Stories"

When the weather turns cold this fall, G and I will plant flower bulbs.  Today I gather paint-mixing sticks and record the flower name in permanent ink in anticipation of pushing the marker in the ground.  Pinterest has some really cute make-it-yourself garden markers like this,  and this,  and this.  Maybe when I have some free time (hey we all did just gain an hour on Sunday!) I will create something pretty.  Until then, plain sticks it will be. 

I look forward to seeing green sprouts emerge in the spring. Can't wait!

 In our next farm kid story, One Bean, two kids plant a bean and see quick results. The children soak, plant, water and re-pot a bean. Author Anne Rockwell uses simple, child-focused narrations to describe what happens next.  The children watch the bean plant grow, flower and produce pods with more beans inside

Illustrator Megan Hasley highlights characters and objects by outlining them in thin orange and blue lines. Readers watch the bean plant grow on pages with denim blue backgrounds.

Inside the book’s back cover, the author lists suggested activities including:  placing dried beans in a paper towel tube and closing the ends with tape to make a musical instrument.  I can picture G shaking a maraca to a Carlos Santana song, or perhaps Elmo's potty time song (yup this topic is on our minds lately...)

I remember planting bean seeds in grade school. A perfect school project.
What will you plant in your garden this spring?


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