Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 9: BOO-HA

Day 9 of "30 Days of Farm Kid Stories"

Boo.  It was one of G’s first words.  Right after “Bah Bah Bah” and “Momma."  (Sorry,  Dadda)

“Boo” referring to “Moo” referring to “Cow."    G was Boo crazy.   He loved cows at the early age of 8 months.  He still loves them Boos, although now he can pronounce them correctly (most of the time.) 

Today’s farm story features a cow who struggles with words.

 The Cow That Went Oink by Bernard Most tells the story of a cow that is sad because he is not like other animals.  He is made fun of and hears a pasture full of “MOO-HA’s” from fellow cattle. 

The author emphasizes cow’s words in purple conversation bubbles.  Whether it is an “OINK” or a “MOINK” it’s in purple which helps the reader navigate the barnyard squawk.  

Zigzag squiggle lines represent rows of crops, heads of wheat and leaves on trees.  I chuckle when cow meets a pig who says “Moo”, especially when cow and pig help each other with vocabulary. 

This book emphasizes it’s ok to be different. It’s an advantage many times. 

And it’s a keeper.  This book labels more than a dozen animals and the associated noises they make.  G and I will practice our “Bow-Wow-Ha’s” and “Hee-Haw-Ha’s” tonight. 

What is your little one’s favorite animal noise? 


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