Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 11: Magic with Vegetables

Day 11 of "30 Days of Farm Kid Stories"

A disappearing act in our home broadcasts every evening at about 5:30 (or whenever supper is ready.) 

Getting G to eat his vegetables takes magic.  I blame this on the discovery of Skittles.

I prepare food with hidden vegetables:  sweet red peppers diced in meatloaf, spinach thrown in scrambled eggs.   The real magic act occurs when we eat vegetables straight from our plates. 

“See this green bean, G?” I ask in my best Houdini voice while holding the green bean in two fingers.  “It’s a real green bean, and I’m gonna make it disappear.”

And Voila, I throw the green bean in my mouth and say “Mmmmm.”  G copies me and gobbles down a green bean.   (This is the magic part.)

Our farm story today involves vegetables and some equally sneaky hares.  Tops & Bottoms, by Janet Stevens, is a story best read literally from top to bottom (instead of from side to side).    

The author’s characters wear notable clothing. A bee scarf wraps around big Bear’s neck.  A bright blue carrot adorned hat sits on Miss Hare’s head.  Mr. Hare sports a white, collared carrot shirt. 

Clearly the characters wear what they crave.

 If readers could join the story, G would step into the pages in macaroni and cheese PJ’s and ranch dressing glasses. Momma in coffee bean blue jeans and chocolate sweater.  Daddy in a Krispy Kreme jacket.

Ok, back to the veggies.

The landowning farmer Bear in this book is sleepy (perhaps lazy.)  He snoozes awkwardly on a front-porch chair while the hare family works on his fields.

Agreements on crop sharing involve bear getting the top part of a plant and the hares getting the bottom, and vice versa.   Of course the hares know which location on the plants to ask for: bottom parts of the carrot crop, of course.

With delicious, detailed beet, radish and celery illustrations..  I reinforce how “yummy” these vegetables taste while reading to G.   Sneaky of momma?   Perhaps.  

G’s favorite vegetable this summer was corn on the cob.  What’s your favorite?


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