Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 1: One Moment

Day 1 of "30 Days of Farm Kid Stories"

I’ve been repeating “One Moment.”  
“ONE Moment” I say holding up my pointer finger and stressing the first word.  I’m attempting to convey the subject of patience to a 2 year old. 

No wailing, G.  Please.  I will help you. I will get you what you need (probably.)  But I’m not going to race.  
I want to help G learn.  I think it’s working.  G responds to my “One Moment” these days with his own sincere “One Moe Moe.”
I’m a momma who desires to raise a child….who will change the world.  
The WORLD?  Yes, really.  I just read Andy Andrews book, The Boy Who Changed the World and I feel inspired.

The book is an interconnected story with a simple message: “little things can make a big difference. Everything we do matters.  Every action you take, even small things, can change the world.”
The author writes about Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug who saves the lives of more than two billion people by developing high-yielding, disease-resistant wheat varieties… or as Andrews calls it “super seeds.”    Several lives are connected in this story to create a butterfly ripple effect. 

Book illustrator, Philip Hurst, captures the beauty of light sources. When characters Henry and George go on expeditions in the countryside the pages show a tree backlit by a warm afternoon sun.  Hurst captures the blinding light that peaks between tree branches so well, I literally squint my eyes looking at the page. 

Color blending directs me to the details on the pages:  the emotions, the story characters. Complementary colors splash on rippled water color-like paper.  Reds paired with deep greens. Teal blues friended with oranges.
Andrews is not a new author to our bookcase.  I’ve read The Traveler’s Gift book, and I’ve listened to his own words while at a work conference where he was the motivational speaker. 
Motivated?  Yes I am today. It’s time for G’s bath time and a good book at bedtime.  What are you reading tonight?
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