Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 29: Beans

When we drive by a gravel sales lot full of augers… G auto-replies with the word “beans.”  

He’s right.  When we unload beans into the pit, the soybeans travel up the auger into the grain bin.  Someone has been paying attention this fall.


The next farm kid story is all about beans.  In Awesome Agriculture’s Soybeans: an A to Z book, authors Susan Anderson and JoAnne Buggey use a red tractor named “Agri” as a spokesman for each letter of the alphabet. 

Let’s go straight to the Q page: Quality. “Soybean farmers want to grow high-quality beans.” Agri speaks up and says, “High quality means the soybeans are the best they can be.”


The book shows detailed photos of soybean fields, tofu, tractors and even a family shopping in a grocery store.  I especially enjoy the letter K page with crayons and polo shirts made from soybeans.  K is for Know: “Did you know these things are made with soybeans?”

I didn’t, exactly.  The clothing made out of soybeans surprised me here. 

I’m not surprised how much I enjoyed this book that features something my family farm grows. 

What product made from soybeans surprises you?


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