Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 22: Thankful

Thankful.  A couple of months ago I started what I call a “great list” of things I’m grateful for.  It’s not a snazzy list.  Just a few words I type into my phone when I overwhelming feel thankful.

·         For the food-prints underneath the rim of our porcelain pedestal sink. By the time I notice the mac and cheese marks….. G in the bathtub is laughing, splashing and making another grand mess (that I happen to love.)

·         For my own mother who read to me as a child and passed on the books to my younger cousins so they could also enjoy. 

·         For strong coffee: the main reason why I might just complete my 30 day journey of blog posts.

Our next farm story shows the Thanksgiving meal shared by Pilgrims and Indians in 1621. Gail Gibbon’s book Corn tells the history of this popular farm product beginning with the Mayan civilization.  The author tells of the resourceful uses of corn. She goes into detail with labels and invites readers to learn more about types of corn and how this crop is grown today.


Our author shows her talent as an illustrator with her cheery, pen-outlined watercolor illustrations with a cornucopia of labels and illustrations.  The corn variety pages depict handsome kernels of yellow, black, white and orange.


Happy Thanksgiving!  What corn foods will you eat at your Thanksgiving table?


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Our blogging host Holly Spangler writes “30 Days on a Prairie Farm” this month on her blog: My Generation.

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