Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 28: Generations

Our next farm kid story showcases a family-owned farm with deep roots.

 In Tuttle’s Red Barn: The Story of America’s Oldest Family Farm author Richard Michelson spans 12 generations of the Tuttle family starting with John Tuttle (1616-1683) who came ashore Maine from a boat from England.

On page 5 the Tuttle children prepare the cabin for winter by doing chores: filling in chinks in the logs with rock and clay, and rubbing linseed oil on the paper windows to keep out the rain. 

The book tells the story of Indian raids, the Revolutionary War, the Underground Railroad, the Industrial Revolution, and also 300+ years of work on their New Hampshire family farm.  By the 1960’s Tuttle’s Red Barn Farmstand sold produce and things such as hand-spun wool and real maple syrup.

Illustrator Mary Azarian uses a relief printmaking technique called woodcut (or xylography) illustrations.  It’s a rustic yet pretty technique of dark lines filled in with bright colors.  The Illustrator’s website showcases more than 50 books where she uses her woodcut illustrations. 

I'll keep it short tonight.  My little one is feeling under the weather.  Not much time to type or to even read tonight!

What's the book of choice in your house tonight?


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Our blogging host Holly Spangler writes “30 Days on a Prairie Farm” this month on her blog: My Generation.

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