Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 21: Peas Please

I know… I’ve been on repeat about my love of watercolor.  It’s my favorite medium of book illustrations.  The “just enough” details an artist gives to the pages brings a soft but detailed look. 

The next farm story is a beauty… and also a story farm girls will especially enjoy.


In First Peas to the Table author Susan Grigsby writes about a classroom project inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s garden.  Maya feels excited to grow peas and hopes she is the first to fill a bowl with the vegetables she grows. If she wins Maya will get to wear crown that is “green and gold with emerald-colored pea-sized jewels all around it.”


“Be bold and experiment!” their teacher says.  “Jefferson traded seeds with people around the world. Then he used his garden like a giant science lab to test which plants would grow best.”


Page 21 shows Maya performing a pea blossom dance in her green galoshes.  Illustrator Nicole Tadgell paints the pages in pretty watercolor. The pages feel soft and smooth, with details of pea seed packets and classroom notes sitting on school desks.


With it being published earlier this year, this read is a new book on the block.  I think it would make a great guidance lesson in school or at home in your garden. 

My next question is for my teaching friends out there.  What are you reading in your classroom this week?


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