Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 23: Splashes of Ink

Our next farm kid story author describes a great big cow in creative words that kids can relate to.

 “Her angular body is covered with huge black spots that look like splashes of ink.”

Yup, that’s exactly what a Holstein looks like.

In Clarabelle: Making Milk and So Much More, author Cris Peterson goes on to say, “Clarabelle is big and bony. She weights nearly fifteen hundred pounds – almost as much as a soccer team of second-graders with the coaches thrown in for good measure – and she’s almost as tall as Josh and Sam’s dad.”

And who didn’t just picture a group of knee-socked kiddos and their clipboard-holding coaches….and make the comparison to a gigantic cow?   Really, this author brings a sense of fun into her descriptions. 

Photographer David R. Lundquist captures the newness of a newborn calf including the wrinkly, wet fur and its mother’s protectiveness.   I enjoy the close-up photos of the things dairy cattle eat:   hay, corn, cottonseed, corn silage.

Any teachers out there?   If you enjoy this book and live in a 300-mile radius of northwest Indiana… then a visit to Fair Oaks Farms might be an idea for you.   I’d like to bring G someday and visit this family-owned dairy farm that includes a cheese factory and birthing barn. 
Any dairy (or hog) folks out there?  I think you would enjoy the My Cows and Pigs blog.  Be sure to check out the Pollards “30 Days of What’s That?” series here.  Their day 14 post that describes pivot gates makes me think about… that one Friends episode.  

Yes mixing agriculture and cultural references right here.

What’s your favorite cow book?


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