Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 25: Secrets of Quilts

When G sleeps, I sneak downstairs to sew. My latest projects include burp cloths, bibs and an occasional baby quilt. Sewing takes patience, math skills, a seam ripper and time.

When I get “stumped” in my sewing project, I give my mom a call. She will say “Oh, there is a shortcut for that” and she will come over and show me a sewing technique.  My mom is a member of the local Mystery Quilters group, so knowing secrets makes sense, right??


In the next farm kid story Quilting Now & Then authors Karen Bates Willing and Julie Bates Dock write a rhyming story about the Johnson children who ask their mom a bunch of questions about quilts.


“Please tell me how you make a quilt,”
says Charlie, full of wonder.
So Shirley pulls out quilts that all
the children snuggle under.

“And could you also tell us
how they made quilts long ago?”
“Did great-great-grandma Ruth make
quilts like you do?” “Yes or no?”

“Did she choose from a hundred prints
like you do at the store?”
“And were the quilts all sewn by hand?”
“And what is quilting for?”


The authors give comparisons of older days where women cut apart old garments, swapped fabric pieces with friends and made quilts to keep their families warm in cold months.  Today quilters head to fabric stores to select the perfect color and fabric pattern.

Illustrator Sarah Morse draws crayon-colored cartoon illustrations with draped photographs of real quilts.  

In a generation where garments are made overseas, I really appreciate things sewn in the USA. 

Oh, and I especially love creations made by fellow sewing friends such as Kelli at A Little Lively. Our little G drags around his blue, jack game print 4-Block Cuddler blanket around our home.  His “B” (G calls it) gives him comfort during trips away from home and also during the transition away from the beloved pacifier.

We also grab the blanket during story time in the evenings.  What are you reading tonight to your little one?


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