Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 16: Tractor Time

Day 16 of "30 Days of Farm Kid Stories"

G and I recline together on the leather couch reading our next farm kid story, My First Tractor Board Book. We make it to page 5 when G sits up quickly and tosses the board book like a frisbee. It smacks tile floor.  And just like that, story time is over. 

DK Publishing makes some extra sturdy kid books.  They know their audience.

This book labels parts of a tractor and the implements they pull. The lifting and carrying pages showcase some of the tractors on G’s favorite cartoon, Bob the Builder.  Skid-steer loader. Tractor with long-arm forklift. Tractor with trailer. 

Seed hopper. Furrow Blades. Rear-View Mirror. All parts of a yellow tractor that is planting. And no worries on tractor color, folks.  Most brands are represented, including the green tractors G likes to sit on. 

We sometimes catch Daddy riding the tractor by the house.  If we time it just right, he stops at the bend of the road and I lift G into the tractor cab.  I watch a proud little boy with his Daddy drive towards the grain bins. I run back into the house to start to cook hamburgers.  No doubt we will talk about tractors at the dinner table. 

What’s your favorite tractor?


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