Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 24: Fantastic Machines

It’s the reason why G takes off running down the sidewalk every day to the white hoop building.  It’s the reason why we say things such as “It’s getting dark outside. Tractor needs to go to sleep.”


In the next farm kid book, Fantastic Farm Machines, author Cris Peterson labels each set of pages with a “special machine.” On the Corn Planter the author describes how hybrid seed corn goes into the ground. 


“Each tiny kernel, or seed, travels through a maze of metal disks and tubes until it drops into the ground.  A packing wheel then covers the seed with dirt


In-action farm photographs taken by David R. Lundquist capture men, women and children chopping hay, sitting inside tractor wheels and holding ears of corn. 

Pages 3 and 4 feature a G favorite.  The one thing we can’t stop talking about. 

“Track-ter.”  “Track-tee.” 

Really if you think about it: riding in a 13-ton machine of steel is not something every little boy can note on his resume (or….um…. his coloring book.) 

What are you reading tonight? 


Our blogging host Holly Spangler writes “30 Days on a Prairie Farm” this month on her blog: My Generation.

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