Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 12: Call to Action

Day 12 of "30 Days of Farm Kid Stories"

I didn’t write a farm story review today.  No worries.   I will double-book-review-it later this month. 

Today I’d like to share my thoughts about reading with this blogging audience. Quick segue to my “call to action” part of today’s post.  I’m already a fairly tall person, but I will go ahead and step on my wooden soap box.   Here… we…. GO!

We should read to children every day. 

The Read Aloud Dad says you can raise a lifelong reader in just 3 minutes a day.  I’ve never thought about it that way. 

On an average day I think about wearing matching socks to work, dodging deer on my blacktop-drive home and picking peas off dining room floors.  But 3 minutes, really?  I’ve got the time then.

Someday I want G to learn leadership through 4-H club, sports and FFA.  Right now, we read and it’s an incredibly effective activity.

Reading aloud is not something I’m a natural at.  As a silently-proclaimed introvert I don’t exactly think quickly….. especially when talking.  And I truly dislike being in the spotlight (cringe.) But I read to G anyway, and I think I’m not half bad at it (this is the kind of moment G and I would exchange “knuckles.”)

Reading Aloud:

·         I go outside my norm and exaggerate facial expressions, volumes and body movements when reading.  If you think you are getting into the story, get into the story a little more.  Kids love different.

·         I read the story before-hand.  It only takes a few minutes, and my story performance increases astronomically.  The folks at Tony Awards are considering me for a nomination this year for my performance reading Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems.   

·         Read stories in which the child shows interest.  The toys lined up on our floor today suggest G would most certainly pick up a book entitled Tractor Truck Trains 

Encourage a Child to Read:

·         Give a picture book as a baby shower gift. Even better, go visit the child after they are born and read the story to them.

·         Follow blogs such as Jen Robinson’s Book Page and read her reviews for inspiration.  Also check out her Baby bookworm wish list.  Her book list introduced my family to the incredibly hilarious author Mo Willems. 

·         Visit a library.  Our pint-size library is open three days a week, and living near this town of 1,000 residents I feel incredibly lucky to have it. Open the doors to a library and you open a world of possibilities. And who doesn’t like to take a book home without opening your wallet?

·         Take time and read your own books.  Whaa? Spend time on yourself?  Yes, Monkey See. Monkey Do.

Ok, I lied. I can’t actually write a post without a review. It’s not an agricultural book per se (street food vendors and pigeons:  things not seen in rural areas.)  But I love this next book. 

 In The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog by my new friend Mo Willems, an urban pigeon dwells on the decision to share with a duckling.  The author uses bolds, highlights and all-caps on the text to show intense emotions.  He changes typefaces to present vocal expressions. The facial and body expressions of the two birds also help the reader know how to act out the very funny verbal exchanges.

I love everything about this book: Urban setting and all. 

Do you have a children’s book you didn’t expect to enjoy at first introduction?


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